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Open WhatsApp and then go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup, check the date of the backup to ensure it is recent enough. If you don't have a backup on your iCloud, do it now. If there is no enough space in your iCloud, you can use iTransor for WhatsApp to transfer from iPhone to Android directly. Step 2 Steps to transfer WhatsApp from icloud to Android device: Download and install iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer on your computer. Connect your two devices, click Transfer. After proceeding with the second step, go on to verify the WhatsApp asccount by entering phone number and get verification code 1. via Email - free solution to restore whatsapp backup from iCloud (iPhone) to Android Yes, you can email your entire chat history and attachments to your Android device's email. Hence, email does plays a vital role when it comes to restore whatsapp backup from iCloud to Android Ga als volgt te werk om WhatsApp-backup van iCloud-to-Android te herstellen. Stap 1. Installeer WhatsApp op je Android-apparaat en log in op dezelfde account die je gebruikt bij je iOS-apparaat. Stap 2. WhatsApp zal meestal een prompt geven om berichten van een back-up te herstellen door deze weer te geven Berichtback-up gevonden. Stap 3

Transfer WhatsApp Backup from iPhone to Android Using dr.fone - WhatsApp Transfer After you transfer WhatsApp from iCloud to another iPhone, you can use the dr.fone to help you transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android selectively and simply To restore WhatsApp-backup from iCloud-to-android, follow these steps Step 1. Install WhatsApp on your android device and sign into the same account used with your iOS device. Step 2 WhatsApp overstappen van iPhone naar Android Je hebt gezien dat een WhatsApp back-up via je iPhone wordt opgeslagen op de Apple iCloud. Bij Android toestellen werkt dit iets anders. Hier wordt een back-up in Google Drive opgeslagen Besides handling the transfer of WhatsApp backup from iPhone to Android, you can use MobileTrans to effortlessly backup and restore contacts, pictures, and messages as well. Step 3: Backup WhatsApp from Android to Google Drive We are finally in the last step of transferring WhatsApp backup from iCloud to Google drive

Migrate WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android | Shutterstock Now, while changing phones within the same ecosystem. Both iPhone and Android users can use iCloud or Google Drive to backup and restore. Select iCloud backup file and iCloud contents to start transferring to Android device. After logging into your iCloud account, you might see a list of iCloud backup files on the left panel, please choose one iCloud backup file that contains the files you need Übertragung von WhatsApp Nachrichten vom iPhone in die iCloud via Backup Phase 1. Wiederherstellen des Google-Laufwerks WhatsApp Backup auf Android Dazu müssen Sie ein Backup der WhatsApp-Daten auf dem Android-Gerät haben und sicherstellen, dass Sie dieselbe Mobilfunknummer und dasselbe Google-Konto verwenden To move WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud, we can divide the task into 3 phases: transfer WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to Android Phone, migrate the backup from Android to iPhone, and then copy it from iPhone to iCloud. Step 1: Move WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to Android Phon

How to Restore WhatsApp from iCloud to Android

  1. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iCloud via Backup Phase 1. Restore Google Drive WhatsApp Backup to Android To do this, you must have a backup of the WhatsApp data on the Android device and ensure that you are using the same mobile number and Google account
  2. Then Syncios will show a list of your iCloud backup. Just select the proper one for your Android device and click Download . Choose contents from the downloaded iCloud backup to download. The downloading process will take you only a few seconds
  3. WhatsApp backup iPhone. Een WhatsApp backup voor iPhone wordt opgeslagen op iCloud, de clouddienst van Apple. Bij het maken van een reservekopie van je iPhone wordt ook WhatsApp automatisch meegenomen (tenzij je dat zelf hebt uitgezet) maar het kan geen kwaad om af en toe een extra handmatige kopie te maken. Open WhatsApp
  4. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social messaging apps in the world, which is used by over a billion people. One of the best things about WhatsApp is that we can easily back up our chats and restore them afterward. If you use a third-party tool, then you can even download WhatsApp backup from iCloud to PC as well
WhatsApp Backup Stuck: How to Fix?- DrHow to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone

Top 2 Ways to Restore WhatsApp from iCloud to Android - 202

Phase 2. Restore WhatsApp iCloud to Android - Restore from iPhone to Android via Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer. We suggest you to use Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer if you are looking to transfer WhatsApp from iCloud to Android. The software is the best and will help you to restore WhatsApp from iCloud to android after taking the backup How to restore your chat history - You can transfer your WhatsApp data to a new phone by restoring from Google Drive or a local backup. Restore from a Google Drive. I'm sorry, but I don't agree with some of the answers posted here. You can't directly transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone or iOS to android because currently WhatsApp messenger doesn't support this. You cannot copy or transfer iPhone Whatsapp mess.. You can back up to iCloud (iOS) or Google Drive (Android), and if you're on the latter, WhatsApp shouldn't even count toward your precious Google storage quota. Setting this up on either. Via een Android toestel worden de gegevens opgeslagen op Google Drive. IPhones doen dit juist op iCloud. Zoals je misschien wel weet werken deze twee opslagdiensten niet samen. Hierdoor kun je een WhatsApp Android back-up niet naar iCloud overzetten

How to restore WhatsApp backup from iCloud to Android

Hoe WhatsApp-geschiedenis over te dragen van iCloud naar

Backup & Restore iOS WhatsApp Chat and Transfer Between iPhone & Android Easily Way 3. Restore WhatsApp Backup from iTunes. Compared with iCloud, iTunes is faster because the backup is stored locally on your computer. Instead of restoring only WhatsApp data to your iPhone, as iCloud does, iTunes will get everything back to your iPhone and get your current data replaced

In what circumstances you want to transfer the iCloud Backup to an Android Phone. The common situation that can make you need to restore your iCloud Backup is you lost your iPhone and buy a new Android Phone. Or simplely because your want to transfer the data on iCloud such as photos, videos, contacts, notes, or other files to your Android phone Whenever you are trying to transfer WhatsApp backup from iCloud to Google Drive (i.e. from iPhone to Android), you must understand that you cannot perform this task directly. Officially, iCloud and Google Drive work on an entirely different level of technology, and their operating systems are vastly different from each other

Choose on Restore if prompted to restore from WhatsApp iCloud, and wait until it's done. Method 2: Move WhatsApp Data to Android with WhatsApp Manager. WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore is a reliable and professional program for users to transfer, backup or restore WhatsApp data without a hitch There's no option on Android to chose the destination as icloud to restore the backup file. Already contacted Apple and Whatsapp and they said they have no issues with backup and the issue is with Android which doesn't have an option to select the destination to get the backup file Part 1. Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone. There are four ways to back up WhatsApp messages on iPhone - via EaseUS MobiMover, iCloud, iTunes, and Email, among which EaseUS MobiMover is the optimal option since it offers unlimited storage (which depends on your computer's memory) and supports backing up only WhatsApp data

De WhatsApp chatgeschiedenis of SD kaart is beschadigd. Er staat geen WhatsApp back-up op je Google Drive of op je telefoon. WhatsApp back-up problemen op Android (Google Drive) Ook als je netjes alle stappen volgt, kan het toch zijn dat je problemen ervaart bij het maken, herstellen of overzetten van een WhatsApp back-up op Android WhatsApp iCloud backup restoren op Android telefoon Apple iPhone 12 Microsoft Xbox Series X LG CX Google Pixel 5 Sony XH90 / XH92 Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Sony PlayStation 5 Nintendo Switch Lite Advertere Automatic WhatsApp Backup to iCloud To automatically back up to iCloud, you should ensure to sign in the Apple ID of the target iCloud, upgrade your system to iOS 9 or later version, turn on iCloud Drive, and spare out at least 2.05 times free space on your phone than the actual size of your WhatsApp history WhatsApp does offer the native backup solution on iPhone and Android using iCloud and Google Drive respectively. Due to the WhatsApp backup size and other settings, your WhatsApp backup to iCloud might get stuck. Here are some possible solutions to fix the WhatsApp iCloud backup failing problem on your iPhone

Part 2. How to Restore WhatsApp Chats from iCloud. The other method to extract WhatsApp messages is using iPhone straightly. You can follow the steps here to learn how to check a backup and restore from iCloud. Note that you can only restore WhatsApp backup data to the same account and it is not available to restore from iOS to Android Note: CalDAV-Sync is only able to sync contacts and calendars from iCloud Backup to Android; it does not support other data types. 4. Access iCloud on Android via SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar. If you prefer to set agendas in iPhone Calendar app, SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar could help you access it from iCloud backup for Android. Step 1 In this transition, you want to transfer WhatsApp data from Google Drive to iCloud that will enable you to download WhatsApp backup on iPhone whenever you want. 3 Steps to Transfer Whatsapp Backup from Google Drive to iCloud . Step 1: Restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to Android ★ Download dr.fone - Android Backup& Restore: https://www.android-data-recovery.org/android-data-backup-restoreFlexibly Backup and Restore Android Data Rest..

2 Ways to Transfer WhatsApp from iCloud to Android Phon

Well, the thing is how to restore WhatsApp backup from iCloud. According to Jane, she has re-installed the WhatsApp in her iPhone 6 Plus since the app did not run normally. She mistakenly thought that when she logged in again, she still could access the talk history Hoe synchroniseer je iCloud met Android Als je ooit wil overschakelen van een iPhone naar een Android toestel is het mogelijk dat je je iCloud moet synchroniseren met Android. Dit geldt ook wanneer je een kopie van je gegevens wil voor je iPhone om ze daarna beschikbaar te maken voor je Android Disable WhatsApp cloud backup option First what you need to do is head to the WhatsApp settings. To do that, on Android, tap the three dots on the top right corner

The WhatsApp backup to iCloud stuck issue will crop up if the backup server service is interrupted. It would become necessary to check the server for iCloud from Apple System page. If this problem has gone wrong in the iCloud server, then skip this method to back up WhatsApp messages via other methods How can I recover a WhatsApp backup from iCloud to a computer? *****Tools To Restore WhatsApp From iCloud To Android***** 1. Texas recorded a new single day record of 5,489 new infections. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, a key Trump ally, warned.

How to Transfer WhatsApp History from iCloud to Android Phon

  1. But there is one downside, Android WhatsApp uses Google Drive to back up the chat history while iPhone do it via iCloud. And transfer of WhatsApp messages from Google Drive to iCloud is impossible. This means that if you switch from an Android device to iPhone, it will be difficult transfer your WhatsApp data between the two devices
  2. WhatsApp data can be transferred to a new smartphone by restoring it from Google Drive or a local backup. Moreover, WhatsApp backup can also be taken on a phone's internal storage. You can copy the local backup file and move it to a new Android device
  3. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social messaging apps in the world, which is used by over a billion people. One of the best things about WhatsApp is that we can easily back up our chats and restore them afterward. If you use a third-party tool, then you can even download WhatsApp backup from iCloud to PC as well

Step 1: Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive. To move WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud, you will need to first restore the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to your Android phone. Here's how: > Reinstall the WhatsApp app on your Android phone. This will activate the Restore process when setting up your WhatsApp app again The backup chat feature is available for all users but many of them don't know how to perform an iCloud WhatsApp backup. Even though there are other methods but using iCloud is one of the easiest methods to create chat and media backup of WhatsApp Deleting WhatsApp chats backup from iCloud. Go to phone settings and tap on your name to enter Apple ID settings. Next, click on the 'iCloud' tab. Once inside, click on 'Manage Storage' option and select WhatsApp Messenger. Then click on 'Edit' and then 'Delete Data' button and this should clear all WhatsApp data from your iCloud Si tienes la necesidad de transferir tu copia de seguridad de WhatsApp desde iCloud a Google Drive, supongo que es porque planeas cambiar tu iPhone por un nuevo dispositivo Android, probablemente un Samsung S10 o Huawei P30.Aunque la mayoría de las marcas de teléfonos Android ofrecen una solución de transferencia de datos desde iPhone a tu dispositivo Android, como Huawei Phone Clone y.

WhatsApp: overstappen van iPhone naar Android

Sin embargo, iTransor for WhatsApp puedes hacer mucho más, permitiéndote El proceso anterior te facilita la restauración de WhatsApp desde iCloud a un dispositivo Android. Sin embargo, iTransor for WhatsApp puedes hacer mucho más, permitiéndote exportar más de 40000 mensajes al mismo tiempo , crear una copia de seguridad de tus datos de WhatsApp en la PC y restaurar la misma en tus. Tips: Transfer WhatsApp chat history via iCloud backup. WhatsApp offers iPhone users a build-in chat history migration method via Apple's iCloud. However, it's not a direct WhatsApp chat transfer, you must back up the chat history first to iCloud, then restore it from iCloud to your new iPhone Hence, the only way to Backup WhatsApp to computer is to manually Backup WhatsApp to the local storage of your mobile Phone and transfer the Backup File to computer. 1. Backup WhatsApp to Local Storage or SD Card. The first step is to make a manual backup of WhatsApp to SD Card or the Internal Storage of your Android Phone. 1 Method 1- Create WhatsApp iCloud Backup. WhatsApp allows users to create a backup of your conversations with iCloud. The feature is great for saving your important WhatsApp chats. Follow the steps below to start the backup process: Step 1- Go to iPhone Settings & tap on your Apple ID & look for the iCloud feature

How to Transfer WhatsApp Backup from iCloud to Google Drive

One can try this method to Restore WhatsApp Backup to iPhone which was taken On Android Device. It is not necessary that users take WhatsApp backup on Google Drive, one can locally backup WhatsApp Data. By default; WhatsApp takes backup of WhatsApp Chat and media regularly every day at 2AM Abre WhatsApp en tu dispositivo iOS entonces Ubicación. Paso 2:. Proceder a Charla y entonces Copia de respaldo. Paso 3:. Hacer clic en Copia ahora para permitir que WhatsApp realice una copia de seguridad de todos tus chats en iCloud. Para restaurar WhatsApp-backup desde iCloud-to-Android, sigue estos pasos. Paso 1: Whatsapp has become a daily use app for most of us and if you want to permanently delete Whatsapp backup from iCloud for whatever reason, here is how it is done. Whatsapp stores all of the chats in your iCloud account and as more and more people have started using it, a lot of people want to delete the WhatsApp backup from iCloud or completely disable it Tutorial shows you How to Transfer WhatsApp Business Chat Messages from iPhone to Android with a wonderfull WhatsApp Business Copy, Backup & Restore software called Backuptrans WhatsApp Business Transfer. All WhatsApp Business chats with attachments will be merged perfectly on Android Phone

This program will begin downloading WhatsApp chat history from the backup. Step 3: Access Whatsapp messages on iCloud and restore them. Once the download is complete, you can browse all found WhatsApp chats on the screen. To recover WhatsApp chat history from iCloud backup, check the boxes next to each chat. Go ahead and click Recover button Restoring the needed photos from iCloud may be a great option, since iCloud helps iOS users easily backup their data. However, recovering data from iCloud directly to an Android phone can be troublesome, and that's what this tutorial is going to talk about, that is, offering you best solution to restore photos from your iTunes/iCloud backup to the new Android phone If there is no backup of your WhatsApp, you will get the prompt saying No Backup Found. Part 2. Restore WhatsApp from iCloud Backup with iPhone Data Recovery There is another alternative for you. If your iPhone got lost and purchase the new iPhone SE, you can use iPhone Data Recovery to restore WhatsApp from iCloud backup to iPhone SE

WhatsApp messages; Contacts; Photos and videos; Let's get started. Message and call history import from iOS to Android. If you are looking to import the Messages (iMessage, SMS or MMS) or call history from iOS to Android, first you'll have to extract the Messages and call history database file from your iTunes or iCloud backup Install WhatsApp on your Android and open it Sign in to the same WhatsApp account you used on your iPhone A pop-up window should appear saying 'Message Backup Found Android keeps the backups in Google Drive and iOS keeps the files in iCloud. There is a workaround that lets you transfer your iPhone WhatsApp chats to the Android client. Take a look. How to export WhatsApp chats from iPhone * Open WhatsApp and swipe left on the chat you want to take to your new Android phone Android backs all data through Google Drive while Apple uses iCloud to perform backup chores, and that includes backing up WhatsApp's chat history. Instead of having its own cloud capabilities for backup purposes, WhatsApp relies on the default backup service of the OS it's running on - iCloud on iOS and Drive on Android

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Met een beetje ondersteuning heb ik de Whatsapp historie kunnen overzetten van iOS naar android. Eerst iTunes unencrypted backup maken op pc. Dan de extraxtor stap voor stap uitvoeren. Opslaan in Google drive. Op telefoon de migrator stap voor stap doorlopen. Via migrator oude versie van Whatsapp geinstalleerd, backup stap doorlopen How to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Android Step 1: Same as transfer ios to Android WhatsApp messages directly, free download EelPhone Restore Social APP in our computer. Launch it after the installation, from the home page of the tool, click on Restore Social APP. Step 2: Tap on WhatsApp from the left side, and we backup iPhone WhatsApp by. Well, the thing is how to restore WhatsApp backup from iCloud. According to Jane, she has re-installed the WhatsApp in her iPhone 6 Plus since the app did not run normally. She mistakenly thought that when she logged in again, she still could access the talk history

How to Transfer iCloud to Android Effectively [2 Methods

  1. Je bent niet de eerste Als je in dit subforum zoekt naar whatsapp android vind je onder andere: Whatsapp backup iOS naar Android; Whatsapp naar Google Drive; WhatsApp iCloud backup restoren op Android telefoon; Gesprekgeschiedenis Whatsapp; Hoe zet ik mijn whatsapp gesprekken het snelst naar android
  2. Learning how to backup WhatsApp messages and media can prevent catastrophe when you lose or break a phone. Here's a step-by-step guide to save you the pain
  3. WhatsApp Local Database Backup and Restore Guide. As we all know that the user can easily set WhatsApp data backup in the Google Drive or iCloud and in the phone's internal storage to get back the data again whenever you want to restore or use your WhatsApp account on any device
  4. Using iCloud Online on Android. The only supported way to access your iCloud services on Android is to use the iCloud website. Your access is still quite limited—initially, you will have access only to your saved photos and notes, as well as the Find iPhone service
  5. Install WhatsApp on your Android and open it Sign in to the same WhatsApp account you used on your iPhone A pop-up window should appear saying 'Message Backup Found
  6. Except downloading iCloud to Android phones, you can also extract data from iCloud and download iCloud backup to computer, download any data from iCloud to iPhone. Update Jun 2018: this article was originally published in Feb 2015 and has since been updated. in this update, we replaced the old mobile phone data transfer software with the new mobile phone toolkit program
  7. Step 2 Log into iCloud Account. This program has 3 different data recovery modes as you can see from the left sidebar. You can restore WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup, iTunes or directly from iPhone. You are free to try them out. In this tutorial, please select 'Recover from iCloud Backup File'

So übertragen Sie WhatsApp Backup von Google Drive auf iCloud

In order to do backup your WhatsApp messages, go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Back Up Now. You can also include videos in backup if desired. Backup WhatsApp With Cellular Data On Android. 1. Launch WhatsApp and tap on 3 dots icon at the top right corner and select Settings. And under Settings, select Chats. 2 Android naar iOS. Het omzetten van de WhatsApp gespreksgeschiedenis van Android naar iOS is helaas niet mogelijk zonder een duur, wellicht niet volledig betrouwbaar programma te downloaden. WhatsApp geeft zelfs aan dat het helemaal niet mogelijk is. Als het jou gelukt is om dit probleem op te lossen, dan horen we het graag

Transfer WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iCloud

  1. WhatsApp zal vragen of je je chatgeschiedenis van iCloud wilt herstellen; tik op Restore Chat History om door te gaan. Methode 2: Toegang tot WhatsApp-chats vanuit uw iPhone-back-up Als u toegang wilt tot uw WhatsApp-berichten als geheel of afzonderlijk, kunt u deze methode gebruiken om dit te doen
  2. How to access iCloud from an Android, including emails, calendars, contacts, and photos. Also learn how to transfer data from an iPhone to an Android
  3. 1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the Settings tab in bottom menu.. 2. From the Settings screen, go to Chats > Chat Backup > scroll down and tap on Auto Backup.. 3. On the next screen, select Daily, Weekly or Monthly WhatsApp Auto Backup option. After completing above steps, you will find your iPhone automatically backing up WhatsApp Messages and Photos to iCloud, whenever it is connected to a WiFi.
  4. Login your iCloud account and connect your Android device to the program after you entering the restore mode. Step 3. Select and download an iCloud backup. After your iCloud account, you can view all the previous iCloud backup created with this account. Select the iCloud backup you wanted from the list to download it. The process will not.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iCloud

Step 2 Connect Android to Computer and Sign in with iCloud . Connect your Android phone to computer with USB cable. Make sure the device is recognized by the computer. If not, then follow this guide to solve the problem. From the main screen, click Restore from Backup and select iCloud from the options Don't restore WhatsApp chats from iCloud backup. Then open WhatsApp on iPhone to send a simple message to your friend. Step 3: Connect your iPhone to the Backuptrans Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer software via USB 1. Backup and export WhatsApp chats on your computer in HTML format so that you can view and even print them. 2. Restoring a WhatsApp backup from your computer to an Android or iOS device. With this method, you will be able to choose the files that you wish to restore on your mobile device by choosing either one or all of them Select Chat Backup. Select the Back Up Now option. That will begin the backup process. Of course, you can also automate it. That's helpful as it won't affect your backups if you suddenly forget to initiate them yourself. Launch the WhatsApp app. Go to the Settings menu. Go to the Chats tab. Select Chat Backup. Tap on the Auto Backup option


How to Recover iTunes/iCloud Backup to Android Phone Syncio

Your WhatsApp backup(s) are stored in a hidden folder of iCloud Drive on your MacBook (if you signed into iCloud and turned on iCloud Drive). To find your WhatsApp backup(s): Launch Terminal (in /Applications/Utilities folder) Type the following commands. cd ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/ find *whatsapp* You should see all the files related to. Create a backup for WhatsApp on an iPhone and the file is created to be securely stored on iCloud. Do the same on Android and the file is created to be securely stored on Google Drive Backup WhatsApp messages to iCloud . iCloud allows you to keep a backup copy of WhatsApp chat histories online. However, conversations stored in iCloud are not really accessible on either the iPhone or the PC. If you need to later view your WhatsApp chat, consider backing it up to your computer 'Backup Messages' means saving the all the messages into a local database. The data can't be opened in this format. 'Export Message to a File'means exporting all the messages to a file, which you can view it later. Tips 2: Back up WhatsApp Messages Locally on Android. Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your Android device

WhatsApp backup terugzetten - Mobiel

Backup WhatsApp and Extract WhatsApp Messages from iCloud

Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer can help you move WhatsApp messages directly, back up WhatsApp to a computer in one click, and restore a WhatsApp backup to a new iPhone or Android device WhatsApp lets us communicate with friends and family in an easy way. It contains many interesting or private conversations. so when you need to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone in daily use or move WhatsApp when switching Android to a new iPhone, like the latest iPhone 12/11/XS (Max) or iPhone XR

WhatsApp backup (reservekopie) maken op de iPhon

  1. Since WhatsApp data is not always available in iOS system backups, using WhatsApp' own stand-alone cloud backup system is the more reliable choice compared to pretty much everything else. Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can now access iPhone users' encrypted WhatsApp communication histories stored in Apple iCloud Drive
  2. Note: WhatsApp and Google have partnered on providing storage over Google Drive on Android, and your WhatsApp backup data won't be count against the Google Drive storage. 6. Check If iCloud or.
  3. Find answers to How to backup whatsapp on iphone to google drive instead of iCloud? from the expert community at Experts Exchang
  4. Create WhatsApp backup on iPhone; WhatsApp backup for Android devices; Create WhatsApp backup on iPhone. Note : To create a WhatsApp backup with iPhone, you must be logged in to iCloud because the backup will be backed up there. Open WhatsApp and then the settings by tapping the gear icon below. There you will find the menu item Chats
  5. You can now take advantage of iCloud on your Android phone, but unfortunately it's a little buggy as of right now. Here's how to use iCloud for Android
  6. There is an inbuilt backup settings for WhatsApp messages on both the Android and iOS devices, which are Google Drive and iCloud backup. Hence, it is not that difficult to restore WhatsApp backup from Google drive to iPhone
  7. Download whatsapp backup from iCloud to windows pc Texas Delta charter Township. para que sirve spy whatsapp New Jersey how to retrieve deleted text messages on android without a computer whatsapp.
WhatsApp-Backup mit Google Drive – So funktioniert’s | t3nWays To Restore WhatsApp Messages On iPhone
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